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Anonymous asked
How are slut pride and fat pride different? Or the same?

Great question. Both slut shaming and fat phobia are forms of prejudice.

The term “slut” has been used in a derogatory way to shame women for having a sexuality or for being sexually active (which is often a double edge sword as they also are told to not be prude).
Fat people are similarly shamed for their weight and told that they are not beautiful, attractive, smart, active, healthy, etc. all based on assumptions about their weight. These things typically are not true or are no less true than of someone who is thin. It is impossible to know someone’s diet, health, intelligence, activity level, etc from their size. Yet fat folk are subject to prejudice.

Fat pride and slut pride are therefore similar because both are adjectives that have been reclaimed by those who fall into the categories. For example, by ignoring the negative connotation that goes along with being fat and accepting that weight does not reflect a persons worth as a human being and embracing that everyBODY is beautiful you can move on to a higher level of body acceptance. NOTE: this does not mean these people are no longer subject to prejudice by society or that thin privilege does not exist, but it helps move toward an acceptance of a diversity of body types.
The reclaiming of the term “slut” is similar in that those involved in slut walks or slut pride are embracing that they, as women, have a sexuality and it is natural and okay to embrace. Of corse there are women who are asexual or chose to not have sex for a variety of reason but the slut pride movement focuses on a woman’s CHOICE to be a sexual being if she WANTS to be (again, totally cool if she doesn’t at any time for any reason) at that time instead of women being only viewed objects of sex for men to indulge in.

So fat pride and slut pride are similar in that they involve the reclaiming of previously oppressive nomenclature but are different in that they are totally different (yet potentially overlapping) groups of people. Both movements are about being yourself and embracing you and your body/ your body’s desires as a natural being but they focus on two different concepts.

I hope this helps. :)


i thought this was another long dumb post but OH MY GOD. just when you’re about to lose hope in humanity, something like that comes up..

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"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."
- Our Bodies, Ourselves.


"People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects, but the actual biologic of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable."

Our Bodies, Ourselves.



maybe i’m a goddamn bleeding heart hippie liberal but i’m totally down with paying an extra .50 cents for a thing of fries if the person who makes me those fries doesn’t have to work 3 jobs just to survive.

most studies show that prices would only have to go up by 1 to 3 cents in order to raise employee wages significantly

or, you know, the ceo’s could take pay cuts but that would be so hard for the poor multimillionaires




If a 16 year old would want to adopt a child no one would give it to her because she isn’t 21 yet or not an adult or maybe too irresponsible.

So if a 16 year old is so irresponsible and not an adult yet so she wouldn’t even be allowed to adopt a child, then why would the government force her to get that child even though she might not want it?

Let’s talk about how logical the bill against abortion is now

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